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Anodyne Plastic Inc. markets compounds and recycles a wide variety of thermoplastics throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, and Mexico.

  1. 1. Prime and near-prime thermoplastics:
  2. Some of our supply partners include Plastolite, a leading manufacturer of clear and color acrylics; Huntsman, a worldwide producer of chemicals and thermoplastics; NOVA, the worlds largest producer of polystyrene and supplier of specialty resins known as NAS and Zylar; and Samsung Corporation, an 80 billion dollar company and leading manufacturer of ABS and SAN.

  3. 2. Compounded and non-compounded materials:
  4. Under our own registered trademarks, DURACARB, a polycarbonate; COPRO, a co-polymer polyproplyene; and DURACLEAR, a clear thermoplastic material with impact resistance.

  5. 3. Recycled post-industrial and post-consumer thermoplastics:
  6. such as high-and low-density polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, and a wide variety of styrenes. We also serve as a recycler for such companies as Eastman Kodak Company, Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Indiana, Subaru, and Whirlpool Corporation.

  7. 4. Converted Thermoplastic:
  8. marketed in extruded sheet form for the binder industry as well as for brochure boxes for the real estate industry.


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